Thanks for the white man's narrative of Native Americans! It's never been told before, but I bet their depictions are SPOT ON. It would be interesting to hear how Native Americans would describe the tribes and cultures, but I guess we'll believe whatever the white dudes who killed them said!

Did you know scientific research on the clitoris and female orgasm has just recenly become popular? Darwin believed women didn't enjoy sex but had sex to procreate. Crazy huh? Decades upon decades society believed women did't enjoy sex the way men do because Darwin was shit in bed. Isn't it wild how a narrative can alter the perspective for generations?

It gets crazier than that!

The Hopi tribe celebrated trans people because trans uniquely understood gender. The lifestyle of the Hopi was so much more progressive than white society that white women who had become a part of the tribe did not want to return to white society. They preferred not having men speak for them in public, and enjoyed the equality and freedom of the Hopi culture.

Guess where Europeans discovered democracy? MEXICO!!! The Tlaxcala government in the 1500's taught the Spanards all about democracy and you can even read it for yourself: Crónica de la Nueva España.

The view from a perspective other than the white man's is quite different. It's a shame everything we're taught is through one narrative, but if you make the effort you'll see a very different world.

We need the social with the science to call it economics.

We need the social with the science to call it economics.