The Self-Righteous Left’s Culture Wars for Social Hierarchy

Middle-class, educated liberals’ culture wars exploit society and obstruct economic redistribution to benefit themselves.

*Race, gender, and LGBTIQA+ endure significate discrimination and inequality. This article does not advocate silencing minorities.

Creating a utopia is hard work, but the middle-class, enlightened left is doing its best. With an iPhone 12 Pro, the culturally aware scroll through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram searching for politically incorrect perpetrators. The high-and-mighty scold and shame the immoral public for their cultural ignorance because condescendingly lecturing others will undoubtedly lead to equality. Using their privilege to speak for the voiceless proves the self-entitled, self-serving intellects’ intentions are altruistic — what would minorities do without their number one ally? How would they know what offends them?

The aristocrats belittle the public to reinforce their ego and social hierarchy standing. They must discredit and silence other values because no one is as competent or educated. Without their guidance, society would say and do all the wrong things because it lacks civility and awareness of the most up-to-date politically appropriate words. If virtuous citizens didn’t educate every single person, chaos and civil unrest would ensue. After all, well-meaning intentions are irrelevant if the language isn’t on the Good Samaritan’s list of acceptable vocabulary words.

Wealth is a touchy subject for the smug, professional working-class. Poverty, income inequality, and financial distress don’t fall within their social activism jurisdiction because they benefit from classism. However, they are victims of wealth inequality when it advances their cause. It’s a shame the culture wars provoke further divisions within the middle-class and the uneducated, poor conservatives. Fortunately, recommending not-for-profits to fill the giant gaping holes of economic inequality and Facebook solidarity profile pic frames prove their allyship.

Aside from the discrepancy in millions to billions of dollars in wealth, middle-class elitism doesn’t look much different than the wealthy one percent’s elitism. While Hollywood capitalizes on Marxists’ films, corporations profit from marketing campaigns selling solidarity merchandise to the professional office workers. Encouraging racial equality is as easy as purchasing materials, and wearing ‘unity’ products reduces racism while promoting ethical brands. Plus, the Apple Unity watch nicely covers the tan lines left behind by the yellow Livestrong bracelet — it’s a bit more expensive, but it’s for a good cause.

Middle-class, sanctimonious liberals perpetuate classism via culture wars and social justice activism to reinforce their economic standing within society.

Disguised as anti-capitalists, they administer capitalism to achieve their goals. Through assembling a superficial herd, the puritans circulate petitions via social media to control assets and dispose of a person or community. Meaningful public protests demanding an end to homelessness, decrepit aged-care facilities, and food insecurities are too much effort if they require more than signing an online petition. Fairness fighters courageously campaign for equality from behind their Mac because standing up for gender and racial inequality in the workplace is too risky. Without a job, how would they maintain their social status?

The virtuous crusaders advocate justice, diversity, and equality on behalf of the public, but their objectives are social control and dominance. Even in the worst of times, the self-centered prioritize their wants. While Covid caused mass unemployment and financial insecurity, a left-wing, predominantly white, privileged community dedicated its energy to commandeering a community golf course. A petition on social media to reclaim public land from the public to benefit their public circulated as quickly as QAnon conspiracies. When morale and community cohesiveness were needed, the middle-class do-gooders created deep divisions within the neighborhood.

The high-and-mighty’s petition statement and Facebook page perfectly capture the self-serving, progressive heroism described in Catherine Liu’s, Virtue Hoarders: The Case against the Professional Managerial Class. Controlling the public by managing and shaping the culture creates the society they want. They can’t demonstrate their superiority if they didn’t establish the community’s values, so they destroy it.

Keep the Golf Course Open to the Public

It has been a revelation to experience the wonder and beauty of this park.

Access to open green space benefits mental health and wellbeing, creativity, care for the environment and each other, resilience, and recovery.

This is public land owned by the City Council, yet Council pays $140,000 each year to private property managers to maintain the golf course exclusively for small numbers of people and subsidize their golfing fees. Less than half of the members live in the area and 86% are men. The club has been withering for years.

Our survey results show 85% of local people want the park converted to uses other than just golf. It’s time for the local community to reclaim the wonderful site and gain vital access to our public land.

It is vital that the Traditional Owners of the land are genuinely involved from the outset.

Public funds for pools, gyms, tennis and basketball courts, hundreds of parks, wildlife reserves, and other sports are acceptable. A community golf course is not. Affordable sports for the public facilitates equitable access, but the hypocritical left is determined to obstruct equitable economic redistribution. Private clubs are expensive, and not everyone can afford them, but providing a community golf course isn’t the solution. If they don’t play golf, no one should. After all, an oppressive, male-dominated sport stinking of white privilege should be banned, so women and minorities never get the opportunity. That’s equality.

As the self-righteous left wage culture wars, the Right magnifies them by one thousand. A vicious cycle of egoism, identity politics, and culture wars achieve nothing, but here we are, telling women it’s anti-feminist to say “hey guys” to a mixed-gender group. Oh, the irony and sadness are too much to bear, but if we watch our Ps and Qs we’re on the right track. Utopia, here we come!

Is this the world you would have created?

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