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The advice and insights of others are gifts of knowledge — I wouldn’t know anything if it weren’t for people sharing what they know.

Globally, central banks boost prices by creating money and funneling it to private financial institutions.

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When Covid blew the roof off the global economy, the Federal Reserve opened the floodgates. Since March 2020, the Fed has pumped $120 billion into the US markets and lends billions to foreign central banks every month. In the US alone, that’s $2.04 trillion over seventeen months, yet at the start of February 2021, 24 million Americans had not had enough to eat throughout the week.

If you can’t imagine the type of health care, education, retirement, and quality of life Americans could have, maybe you should try— and it’s not just Americans. Worldwide, central banks create money and borrow…

Photo by Reynaldo #brigworkz Brigantty from Pexels

What if deficits and taxes are used to hold us hostage and there is an economic model capable of resolving all our issues?

The economic theories administered in the US, Australia, and the UK state a 3.5% to 4.5% unemployment rate is necessary for running an efficient economy. Sitting in high school econ class, even my dull teenage brain couldn’t fathom why an economic system requiring a percentage of people to suffer through unemployment was the ideal method. To wrap my head around the concepts, I took macro and microeconomics in university; consumers, markets, equilibrium, supply, demand, and a plethora of theories with their adjoining equations exhibited society’s behavior as it interacted in a game of Monopoly on steroids. …

All in all is all we are and all we are is a commodity. When everything has a price, nothing has meaningful value.

Art by Julian Needham

“If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.”― Confucius

Corporate entertainment’s buying power influenced the popularity of music, but in 1991 technology disrupted the music business. Collecting and compiling accurate consumer data revealed the public’s preferences, and for the first time, independent genres were pulled from the underground and exposed in weekly sales reports. The authentic sounds organically produced a growing fan base, and music executives noticed. …

Government spending is the life support Americans and the economy need to survive, but budget deficits are prioritized.

© zimmytws Adobe Stock

When the financial sector faced starvation and homelessness a $700 billion stimulus package was approved in a week. Increasing the deficit by an additional $539 billion was worth rescuing the banks from despair but contributing to the deficit to save the lives of millions of Americans is somehow considered less vital. Although the US has been in 78 deficits over 91 years, government spending to minimize the hunger, suicides, evictions, health impacts, and loss of American livelihoods still terrifies many politicians.

Negotiations for a stimulus bill held Americans hostage for eight months. The urgency to rescue the economy wasn’t all…

For 90% of Americans, GDP is just a measurement of the Gross Divided Profits.

Photo by Matthis Volquardsen from Pexels

A billionaire moving her online retail business to a small, impoverished nation with nine citizens, would instantaneously and exponentially increase the nation’s economic wealth. The business operations, production, purchases, and investments would indicate the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is undergoing rapid growth, but the wealth wouldn’t affect the people’s lives unless it was distributed. The billionaire would potentially create service jobs, but the pay would be dismal, the work low skilled, and the income tax deducted by the government would be spent aiding the billionaire’s business in the name of “job creation”.

Eventually, the billionaire’s wealth facilitates power, and…

Congress argues over the budget while foreign banks receive trillions of dollars that inflate housing and finance globally.

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

When the pandemic buried the economy in a grave, Wall Street nose-dived and consumption ceased, but overnight, stocks bounced back, and billionaires made more billions. How bankers and corporate owners boasted high returns while the economy death-spiraled was mind-boggling, but it wasn’t shocking. GDP and the stock market represent the upside-down world of the super-rich. The figures don’t capture 90% of Americans’ economic activities. Still, the absurd amount of money pouring into the stock market while the economy was lifeless didn’t make sense.

The public-private Federal Reserve System serves the public through monetary policy, bank oversight, government banking services, consumer…

Misunderstanding currency, hyperinflation, and bitcoin are expensive.

Photo by Alesia Kozik from Pexels

Any item accepted as an exchange for value is a currency — even sex. However, to determine the price of goods and services, we rely on a reserve currency, and cryptocurrencies aren’t any different. Money to pay sex workers for their labor is their clients’ income from laboring, but the value isn’t in the currency itself. Accepting the payment as a representative for the value of services and trusting its worth for future transactions empower the currency. Unfortunately or fortunately, the government won’t take sex as payment, yet converted to legal or acceptable tender, and we’re in business.

Stocks on…

Politicizing, corporatizing, and propagandizing produced the American idiot, and stubbornness maintains the ignorance.

Photo by Paulette Vautour on Unsplash

Since the 1950s, the US deindustrialized, stripped its economy bare, and burned bridges with its trading partners. Bush lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act allowing propaganda dissemination by radio, motion films, video, audio, and other materials within the US. The Trump administration discontinued the Wuhan Lab funding in 2019 to focus on the US’ intentional lab leak, the opioid epidemic. However, everything is China and Russia’s fault.

Clearly, Russia and China intentionally destroy the US’ pillar of democracy image. The Texas grid failure, Florida condo collapse, and ongoing wealth and racial disparities…

Resistance to US-led coups, sanctions, proxy wars, and propaganda to dissolve leftist governments and social movements strengthens.

Photo by Carolyn from Pexels

US imperialism has been asserting its ideology in Latin American nations and globally for over a century. If it’s not enlisting young Americans to kill women, children, and men in countries choosing an alternative economic structure, it’s sabotaging them via proxy wars, sanctions, and coups. In the 21st century, weaponizing totalitarian opponents, implementing US-backed military coups, and prohibiting financial sovereignty are the most common attacks on leftist governments and social movements.

Freezing a government’s finances starves the nation of food and medical supplies, but the purpose of using citizens as collateral is to force governments into submission. The UN requested…

Middle-class, educated liberals’ culture wars exploit society and obstruct economic redistribution to benefit themselves.

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

*Race, gender, and LGBTIQA+ endure significate discrimination and inequality. This article does not advocate silencing minorities.

Creating a utopia is hard work, but the middle-class, enlightened left is doing its best. With an iPhone 12 Pro, the culturally aware scroll through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram searching for politically incorrect perpetrators. The high-and-mighty scold and shame the immoral public for their cultural ignorance because condescendingly lecturing others will undoubtedly lead to equality. Using their privilege to speak for the voiceless proves the self-entitled, self-serving intellects’ intentions are altruistic — what would minorities do without their number one ally? …

Corinne Nita

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