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What if deficits and taxes are used to hold us hostage and there is an economic model capable of resolving all our issues?

All in all is all we are and all we are is a commodity. When everything has a price, nothing has meaningful value.

Art by Julian Needham

Government spending is the life support Americans and the economy need to survive, but budget deficits are prioritized.

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For 90% of Americans, GDP is just a measurement of the Gross Divided Profits.

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Scientists develop vaccines, governments create poverty, and democracy is an illusion.

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Resistance to US-led coups, sanctions, proxy wars, and propaganda to dissolve leftist governments and social movements strengthens.

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Middle-class, educated liberals’ culture wars exploit society and obstruct economic redistribution to benefit themselves.

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Believing wages will increase the price of goods is what monopolies want you think.

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Corinne Nita

Is this the world you would have created?

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